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21 a 25/09/15BELO HORIZONTE - MG

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Belo Horizonte


Capital of Minas Gerais, the state's fastest growing in Brazil, the young Belo Horizonte is already a great metropolis with more than 2.5 million inhabitants. It has one of the highest GDP of the country and was nominated by the Population Crisis Committee, the UN, as the city with better quality of life in Latin America.

Here visitors find a complete infrastructure, rich and varied gastronomy, intense cultural production and landmarks of national architecture. Strategically located in the Brazilian map, it is also close to major tourist destinations in the state: Ouro Preto and Congonhas do Campo - Heritage Sites by UNESCO - Serra do Cipo National Park and Museum of Contemporary Art of Inhotim, the largest open air of the world.




 Art, beauty and pleasure in harmony in the most famous landmark of Belo Horizonte

Ideal place to stroll, feel the breeze, to be with those who like or just enjoy the beautiful things in life, the Pampulha is a unique place, one of the main postcards of Belo Horizonte.
A peculiar sensation that the Pampulha region causes in visitors is what fascinates the student Bahia Lorena Lyra, who lives in BH since 2009. "The Pampulha is unlike anything. One of the best things is the inner city climate within the big city. "


Palace of Arts


Regardless of importance on the scale of world culture, kings, queens, princesses and commoners of all artistic activities is in the Palace of Arts in Belo Horizonte, privileged stage to present human creativity. In one of the limits of the green area of the Municipal Park, the Grand Theatre integrates diverse cultural complex run by Clovis Salgado Foundation, the Government of Minas Gerais. Two theaters, a cinema, three galleries of art and photography, as well as bookshop, coffee and Mining Craft Centre has a busy schedule of events, including musical performances, dance and theater, among others.


Location information
Address: Avenida Afonso Pena, 1537
Phone: 31 3236-7400
Site: http://fcs.mg.gov.br/
Business hours: 2ª a sat.  9h to 21h, sun. and  holidays, 14h to  20h.
Where you see BH
How leaning lazily on the Serra do Curral, the Mangabeiras Park is one of the favorite places of Belo horizontina population as well as many tourists. With its green landscape designed by Burle Marx, given the nickname "garden city" to Belo Horizonte. Allowing contact with nature, relax and enjoy the environment, its immensity and also its beautiful views of the city.
Some of the main attractions in the park are nature trails and the possibility of practicing sports such as football, skating, volleyball, badminton, basketball and running, but it's also a great place to just be family. In some special occasions, it is also possible to contemplate concerts or theatrical performances in the Square of the Waters and the Arena Theatre.



In the Gastronomic Circuit de Pampulha the local restaurants offer good food lovers new dishes that tell a story related to the theme chosen for each festival. The chefs kitchen and owners of establishments use creativity in combining flavors, aromas and shapes to please even the public.

During the festival period, the client who is with the Tour Guide will be 100% discount on the plate of his companion. To get the guide, you should access the site circuit, placing the issue the exchange coupon and take in one of the participating restaurants.

For the participants and food establishments, visit: www.circuitogastropampulha.com.br



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